zondag 13 juni 2010

Christo & Jeanne-Claude

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are two artist, whose speciality was to cover thing up. This might sound weird, but I have some examples to show you it was actually really pretty! I think their best project was when they "covered up" Little Bay in Australia. Here's a black and white photo of the project being worked on.

The man in the picture is Christo himself. He payed for this project by selling the drawings he had made and collages. They used 100.000 square metres of polypropylen tissue. Here is a photo of the finished work.

It is a very different project, I wonder where they got the idea from. I do see the "logic" behind it. Once you cover something up, people become more interested in it. As you see the shape of the rocks are still very visible.
Another one of their projects took place in America. it was called the 'Surrounded Islands'. The durrounded the islands in the Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida, with pink polypropylen tissue. Here is a sketch of the design.

The sketch looks beautiful and may I say that they he drew an amazing picutre. This project was finished on May 7, 1983. They had surrounded 11 islands, with the pink polypropylen covering the surface of the water, floating and extending out 61 meters from each island. The fabric was woven in a way that each piece fitted the island perfectly. This is how it looked!

They had a lot of other projects, including covering up the Reichstag in Berlin. I however want to show you another. This one was in Paris, where they wrapped the Pont Neuf from 1975-85. This time they covered it up in yellow fabric. It looked beautiful.

Doesn't it look amazing?

I wish I had been around to visit some of their projects. i do realyl like the idea. Hope you did as wel.

I took photos from the book 'Christo & Jeanne-Claude' by Jacob Baal-Thesuva.

Alana Zimmer in Flair June 2010

May I say that this is probably my favourite model. She is incredibly versatile and I love her in this photoshoot she did for Flair!! I might even buy this edition for once.

I have no idea by whom the clothes are, but it doesn't even matter! I think Alana looks almost regal in the above picture! She could have done without the weird bands around her shoulders, but they do add a certain "fierceness" (I hate that word, but it's the only one I can come up with) to the photo.

I really like the embroidery that's on this dress/skirt. But let's forget about the clothes for a minute. Look at her facial expression. I think it's very strong. It is feminine, but also decided.

I think this could very well be my favourite photo from this shoot. As soon as I saw it a story popped up inside of me! She could be an exotic danser, somewhere in a broke down club. Her clothes show the pass of time, yet she makes them speak about far away places, her headdress reminds us of Paramaribo. Her look is longing, she wants to be somewhere else. Where we do not know, although we would give everything in the world to get her there. Maybe she dreams about performing in the grand theatres in Paris, or maybe she has a child about whom she thinks.
With this story I mean to say there can be so much more to a picture than just a pretty face. A picture says more than a thousand words.

Here we meet our Tiny Dancer again, this time in action. She has stripped herself of her headdress and her jacket and is lost in her dance. There is nothing else aroud her, except the music and the moves she makes. Her dress is wide, there is a small breeze. As she moves, her dress swings around her. It is peacefull and tranquil and she is unaware of the people watching her.
So much about our dancer.

Here e have a beautiful young lady, that somehow seems disturbed. What is she thinking about? She id quietly looking around, she does not see the person she is waiting for. She decides to wait. We wonder why she is suppoting her back. Is she tired? Maybe she is angry and thinking about leaving. We will never know.

I hope I have showed you how much more a picture can mean, once you are willing to plunge youself into your own imagination!

For the shoot Alana was lensed by Benny Horne and styled by Tasha Cain. All rights go to them and Flair Magazine

woensdag 9 juni 2010

Whitney Port on May 5

I have to say that the reason I watch 'The City' is the clothes Whitney wears!! Sometimes Olivia (Palermo) gets a nice outfit, but it usually looks to catalogue for me!

Now here is an outfit she wore May 5th! I really adore it even though it's a real love it or hate it look. In some of the picures she gets blown up a little because of the (what i would call oversized) jumpsuit! The thing I probably love most are the shoes and the jacket. I would boslutly wear the shoes, but I would never wear that jacket!! It makes her look sophisticated, though!

I have no idea bu whom any of these clothes are, so if you know, let me know!!

All the image come from